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The aim at Pietas is to provide comprehensive IT solutions that add value to your business. While we design and develop sophisticated websites with the most up-to-date digital technology, it is also vital to drive traffic to the new website through a marketing plan that is segmented for your targeted audience and aligned to your business model. The upshot will be a results-orientated website for your business.

We have developed a process, using an array of business tools that highlight all the relevant revenue streams which could add value to your business. Once these segments have been identified then the most effective tactics (e-tools & content) required for your bespoke digital marketing plan become apparent.

Services at Pietas include;

Website Development

Website Development

Your website should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing activities. The business would benefit from a website that contains all the functionality needed to target and maintain the interest of potential customers and clients.

Pietas designs a range of websites from the basic off-the-shelf models to sophisticated bespoke sites and everything else in between. Consequently we can offer your firm a <strong>results-orientated website </strong>that will generate clients and build your firm’s brand.

We ensure that it is right for your circumstances in terms of price and functionality. Advances in technology have allowed additional features that were previously out of the reach of many small and medium enterprises including;

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our aim is to achieve your marketing objectives through integrated, targeted communications and online services that match the customer’s individual needs. That means that the development of a strategic digital marketing plan for your business is vital.

The key concept is segmentation to find the best way to interact with potential customers. This will ensure that your marketing message reaches the “right person @ the right time with the right offer through the right channel”.

This aim is to apply the right mix of communication tools to support the acquisition and retention of customers through a strategic marketing plan that uses the following e-tools to achieve this marketing mix;

Cloud / IT infrastructure

Cloud / IT infrastructure

Our objective is to use technology to empower your staff to deal with more clients thereby improving your staff-to-client ratio.

We can create an infrastructure to enable capital and operational efficiency through pooling of resources to create on-demand, elastic, self-managing virtual infrastructures. These platforms can be allocated dynamically as a service with the ability to quickly react to changes in your business environment.

Our unique infrastructure provides the following benefits that will give your firm a competitive advantage over the opposition;

Website Development100%
Digital Marketing100%
Cloud / IT infrastructure100%

Recent Projects at Pietas

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Cost–effective IT solutions through measured & effective digital marketing



We develop an innovative and calculated approach to finding the best IT solution for your business through listening to you.

This requires an emergent strategy that understands your business’ key performance indicators through benchmarking and market research that encompasses creative website development, search marketing and content strategies, targeted email campaigns and cloud infrastructure.



We design strategic digital marketing campaigns that enable concise communication with your target audience that provide meaningful and pro-active results through technology.

The right combination between creativity and technical accuracy is achieved through the identification of your customer segments and channels that provides a highly personalised user experience across websites, email and content applications.



We use IT technology to provide business tools that make your staff more efficient thereby allowing you to increase turnover without adding to your aggregate wage bill.

We create bespoke solutions that ensure that stakeholder’s targets are achieved using the most up-to-date technology thereby delivering additional traffic to your site, increasing conversions and positive returns on investment.

Bridging the gap between business & technology


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Telephone:086 852 2189


• WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT– from basic off-the-shelf models to sophisticated bespoke sites and everything in between.

• DIGITAL MARKETING– marketing in the moment to find positive interaction with your targeted audience.

• CLOUD / IT INFRASTRUCTURE– on demand infrastructures that can be allocated dynamically as a service.

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